The baby head shaping pillow by Lil Cuddlers is ergonomically designed to prevent and correct mild cases of flat head syndrome also known as plagiocephaly.

Most other baby flat head pillows come with an open-faced box exposing your product to environmental toxins such as oils, dirt, and other debris during the shipping process.

We take care of our product to ensure each one is of the highest quality and shipped in an enclosed box to help prevent the pillow from coming into contact with any environmental dirt or odors during the shipping process, ensuring your baby receives a clean and ready to use pillow.

  • Heart-shaped designed with a hole in the middle plus slight concave angle for optimum comfort and head, neck support.
  • Free Pillowcase Included
  • Comfort Memory Foam
  • Portable & Easy To Use on the Go



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Baby Flat Head Pillow

The baby head shaping pillow for flat head prevention by Lil Cuddlers.


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